Friday Hangout

Welcome to the ultimate Friday hangout for high school students! 🙌

Get ready to kickstart your Fridays in style at our Friday Hangout, happening every week from 1 PM to 3 PM! 🕐🎉

We’ve crafted a jam-packed schedule just for you:

📖 Dive into some Bible Bytes for wisdom that’ll stick with you.

🏸 Show off your sports skills with badminton, table tennis, and more.

🎶 Ever wanted to rock out on a musical instrument? Now’s your chance!

🎲 Board games? Check. Fun and laughter? Double check.

🤝 Plus, the chance to make some awesome new friends!

This is not just any hangout; this is your Friday chill zone, your hangout HQ, and the place to be for endless fun and fellowship.

Join us this Friday and make memories that’ll last a lifetime! 🎉🤗