WINGS CARE GROUP: Spiritual Companioning

Whether in the midst of pain or disorder or in the best of life, you’ve got a place in this group.

Come and join other women who are seeking spiritual growth, healing, or a deeper connection with God and others thru Spiritual Companioning.

Two different groups meet Thursdays (6:30-8:00pm) and Sundays (12PM-2PM) starting Feb 20 and Feb 23, respectively. Just choose the schedule that suits you best and lets us know HERE. We’d love to see you!

What is Spiritual Companioning?

Spiritual Companioning (in the context of small group) is the process of sharing one’s stories within a group of compassionate and nonjudgmental listeners in a safe setting where what is shared is held with reverence and confidentiality. It can be helpful to anyone seeking spiritual growth, healing, or a deeper connection with God and other people.

Spiritual Companioning is not counseling or therapy. Therapy and counseling deal primarily with problem areas of one’s life with the goal of bringing healthy resolution to issues. Spiritual Companioning is concerned with finding and responding to God (in the midst of pain or disorder as well as in the best of life).

The goal of the group is to become a companion to each other’s spiritual walk by listening to one another without giving advice or trying to solve problems.

Click HERE for inquiries or to sign up [Subject: Spiritual Companioning].


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