Care Group


IBC’s Small Group, affectionately known as CARE Group, derives its name from a fundamental purpose: fostering a nurturing environment where genuine care for one another flourishes. The term “CARE” itself is an acronym encapsulating the core principles guiding our groups:

COMMUNITY: A collective of individuals driven by shared interests, inspiring and encouraging each other toward acts of love, kindness, and mutual accountability.

AUTHENTICITY: A haven where authenticity is celebrated, allowing us to shed pretenses and be our true selves without judgment.

RELATIONSHIP: A platform for cultivating and fortifying our connections both with one another and with our spiritual journey towards God.

EMPOWERMENT: A space dedicated to equipping and empowering individuals to align their lives with God’s vision, fostering personal growth and purpose-driven action.

In CARE Groups, we deliberately cultivate AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIPS while EMPOWERING individuals within the nurturing embrace of a vibrant COMMUNITY.

Our typical CARE Group gatherings span 90 minutes to two hours, providing ample time for meaningful interactions. These groups convene either once a week or bi-monthly, adapting to the preferences and schedules of its members. The composition of each group typically includes a minimum of four members, guided by a devoted CARE Group Leader. The setting for meetings can vary, taking place at the church, in welcoming host homes, cozy restaurants, workplaces, or any location chosen by the group members themselves.

Our diverse array of CARE Groups caters to a wide range of interests and demographics, including singles, women, youth, high schoolers, Indian medical students, and mixed groups of men and women. We ensure there is a CARE Group suited to every individual’s unique journey and needs, fostering a rich tapestry of fellowship within our community.

If you want to be part of a CARE Group, contact us HERE [Subject: CARE Groups].