CARE Group

IBC’s Small Group, known as CARE Group, as the name implies, is a place where you can “care” for one another.  CARE is also an acronym that stands for the intentions of our groups:

Community                –           A group of people with a common interest  that spurs one another on toward love and good deeds and accountability

Authenticity               –           in a place where we can be real

Relationship               –           as we build/strengthen our relationship with one another and with God

Empowerment          –           in order for us to become the kind of person that God wants us to be and do what He wants us to do

In CARE Groups, we build AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIPS and EMPOWER people in the context of COMMUNITY.

Our typical CARE Group meetings last between 90 minutes to two hours.  Groups meet once a week or twice a month. It is normally composed of a minimum of four people including a CARE Group Leader. Groups meet at the church, in host homes, in restaurants, in the workplace, or wherever the group prefers to gather.

We have CARE Groups for couples, singles, women, teens, professionals, karate enthusiasts, Indian medical students, etc. If you want to be part of a CARE Group, contact us HERE [Subject: CARE Groups].